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Re: Remote server management

--Wednesday, June 09, 2004 17:01:29 +0200 WANGNICK Sebastian

> Dear all,
> we have done trials with the Peppercon ROL-F card, which offers a
> remote hardware reset. This is a Realtec based 10/100 Ethernet card
> at about EUR 70 that you use as a usual network card. You wire the
> Reset button cable to the card, and from the card to the
> Motherboard. After enabling the feature once, you can send a magic
> MAC layer packet to it (no need to configure an IP address, you
> simply use the MAC address) and it performs a hardware reset.
> This, together with a serial cable routed towards a terminal
> server, should allow us to remotely manage our machines.

As an alterative (and some of us might dislike realtek chipsets in
their servers, anyway) :

<advertising mode on>
BWCT offers several terminal servers with the usual ethernet access
and terminal server features. Apart from the interesting feature of
wireing them up via USB they offer relais ports to switch a reset
line or your ATX power switches. I'd estimate that already a few
ROL-F cards plus a terminal server with multiport RS232 card will
come in more expensive than their 16-port 19"/1U base box. Further
extension boxes are cheaper as the don't need a cpu. The guys are
very cooperative and can produce quite any indiviual configration.
See their webpage www.bwct.de for details or better contact them by
</advertising mode on>

Cheers, Marcel

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