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Re: [PHP] safe mode bug ?

Andreas John <aj@net-lab.net> writes:

> Hi!
> There are 2.5 possibilities that make sense.
> a.) mod_suphp [Any volunteers to put that into debian tree??:-)]
> www.suphp.org
> b.) Run php as cgi and attach she-bang (#!/path/to/pgp-cgi)
> c.)  Run php as cgi and teach the environment to treat .php files like
> binaries with the "binfmt" kernel module
> Personally I did not decide wether to take a.) or c.) ...

When you run as cgi, with suexec, you need also to have a chmod +x, and
good group and owner. So it seems to be a pain in the begin but after
you're happy to have something really secure.

William - http://flibuste.net

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