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Re: [PHP] safe mode bug ?


There are 2.5 possibilities that make sense.

a.) mod_suphp [Any volunteers to put that into debian tree??:-)] www.suphp.org
b.) Run php as cgi and attach she-bang (#!/path/to/pgp-cgi)
c.) Run php as cgi and teach the environment to treat .php files like binaries with the "binfmt" kernel module

Personally I did not decide wether to take a.) or c.) ...


Franz Georg Köhler wrote:
On So, Jun 06, 2004 at 02:36:13 +0200, Robert Hensel <robert@hensel.nl> wrote:


I came upon a strange problem when trying to list directory's in safe mode as a normal user. Of course I expected this not to work, because safe_mode disables the possibility of reading files that not belong to the owner of the PHP-file. However, it does not seem to check for directory ownerships. (debian stable, PHP4.1.2). PHP does give a warning about safe_mode (as seen below) but then nicely lists the directory :( This means any user can just browse through any dir. on my system. PHP obviously still obeys UNIX file permissions so i could tighten up those, and enable basedir restrictions and stuff, but it looks to me that this is just a (major) bug ?


it is widely known that safe_mode is not really safe.

You might want to restrict access with open_basedir .

The most secure solution is still to install php's cgi executable in an
suexec environment.

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