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[PHP] safe mode bug ?


I came upon a strange problem when trying to list directory's in safe mode as a normal user. Of course I expected this not to work, because safe_mode disables the possibility of reading files that not belong to the owner of the PHP-file. However, it does not seem to check for directory ownerships. (debian stable, PHP4.1.2). PHP does give a warning about safe_mode (as seen below) but then nicely lists the directory :( This means any user can just browse through any dir. on my system. PHP obviously still obeys UNIX file permissions so i could tighten up those, and enable basedir restrictions and stuff, but it looks to me that this is just a (major) bug ?

The php script

$file = '/etc';
if ($handle = opendir($file))
        while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle)))
                        echo "DIR:$file<br>";
                        echo "FILE:$file<br>";


*Warning*: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1059 is not allowed to access /etc owned by uid 0 in */home/robert/hensel.nl/robert/www/test_dir.php* on line *5*
FILE:init.d  ....(goes on)

safe_mode:    On    On
safe_mode_exec_dir:    no value    no value
safe_mode_gid:    Off    Off
safe_mode_include_dir:    no value    no value

thanks in advance for any thoughts about this.

Robert Hensel
E: robert@hensel.nl


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