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Re: You can start saving now

Michelle Konzack said:
> I do not know about 'surbl' but which files are the same ?
> Why not renaming the binaries ?
> On the other side I had a very little program which check
> IP's with rbl but unfortunately I have lost it...
> I had a procmail recipe like for SA and it has marked the
> RBLed Messages...
guten tag,
Surbl is a plugin for SA:
"SURBL differs from most other RBLs in that it's used to block messages
based on the domain names in message body URIs (usually web sites), for
example those which have been previously reported to SpamCop. Some of the
recent domains are visible on SpamCop's Spamvertised sites page. So SURBL
is not used to block spam mail servers like most other RBLs; instead it
allows you to block messages based on spam domains that occur in the
message body."

It recompiled surbl with dh-make to generate a deb file from the perl
package. It replaces some SA files on the install.
So you need to use dpkg-divert if you wish to install surbl via deb.

I've very conservative about customizing rules on my external mx, but
surbl has had 0 false positives over the past 30,000 mails it has marked
as spam, based on the additional score surbl provides SA.
The default scoring is 3.0, but I've moved it up to 7.0 on my external
mail relays.

I run my mail rejection at 10.5 on my external mail relay to minimze false
positives. It has raised my detected spam volume by a factor of 1/3.
>From approximatelly 2000 to 3000 spam per day.
I reccomend you try it out, using the default score of 3.0 and raise it
once you become comfortable with it's accuracy.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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