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Re: You can start saving now


Had the same problem with SpamAssassin. Came up with a work-around if you want to put some
time in it. I use IMAP and have separate folders for each correspondent. I then have procmail
run through a series of filters for these correspondents and shove matching e-mail into the
folder. Three benefits:

1) I don't lose e-mail from people just because they use outlook
2) spamassassin uses some processing power, so I am only running it against unknown senders
3) my e-mail is all nicely organized when I open SquirrelMail


1) occasionally spam gets through into these boxes because my regex's are less than perfect
2) I have to maintain the list

overall, I like it.


> Pascal Hakim wrote:
>   >
>> We are running spam assassin plus a whole bunch of custom procmail, as
>> well as something called cross-assassin which gets cross posts against
>> lists.
>> For those wondering about the numbers, as far as this month is
>> concerned, 376 messages (3.3 Mb) did not make it onto the list. This
>> includes 207 emails stopped by cross assassin, and 90 stopped by spam
>> assassin.
> Maybe the SpamCopURI plugin can help even more: http://www.surbl.org/
> I will look into setting up SpamAssassin myself again. After it trashed
> e-mails from my girlfriend I stopped using it two years ago and went to
> RBL only which works good enough for me.
> Richard
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