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Re: list spam (Re: You can start saving now)

* Daniel Schildt (daniel@autiomaa.org) [040510 19:40]:
> On Mon, 10 May 2004 12:15:18 +0200
> Kilian Krause <kk@verfaction.de> wrote:

> > I guess the large fear was always crossposts from inside
> > lists.debian.org being rejected with member-only-permitted. IMHO can be
> > circumvented while allowing all of lists.d.o subscribers to post to all
> > lists. That way you only subscribe once to lists.d.o and select the
> > lists you want to read, but may post to all.
> I think that your idea could be good way to cut down the amount of spam.
> Good idea indeed. But are there still some users who post messages to
> lists but are not subscribed to any of the lists? Propably yes?

Yes, there are. In the parallel thread on debian-devel, one of the
list masters told experiences with the one mailing list that is
subscriber only, and that these experiences tell to not converting
other lists to that.

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