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Re: list spam (Re: You can start saving now)

Hi Chris,

Am Mo, den 10.05.2004 schrieb Chris Wagner um 11:50:
> I have to concur that we finally have to make this a restricted access list.
> It's not that big a deal for a newb to have to sign up to ask their
> question. However, remember that will do no good for the virus spam that can
> come from subscribed people's accounts.

I guess the large fear was always crossposts from inside
lists.debian.org being rejected with member-only-permitted. IMHO can be
circumvented while allowing all of lists.d.o subscribers to post to all
lists. That way you only subscribe once to lists.d.o and select the
lists you want to read, but may post to all.

just my 2¢..

Best regards,

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