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Re: Ext3, Apt-get and chrooted environments

On Mon, 2004-04-26 17:01:29 +0200, Andrew Miehs <andrew@2sheds.de>
wrote in message <[🔎] 2835.>:

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> I have recently discovered that my PXE install scripts are destroying my
> ext3 file systems, due to me not unmounting the drive before rebooting.
> The second part of my install chroots into /target and runs apt-get
> dselect-upgrade. Unfortunately, I can not umount the new root disk
> '/target' due to the fact that apt-get restart's sshd and ntp, etc. This
> causes the files to be considered as open, and I would have to force an
> unmount.
> Is there any way that I can tell apt-get NOT to start/ restart the
> services and just install and configure them?

Prior chroot'ing to /target:

# mv /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon.keep
# echo '#!/bin/sh' > /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon
# echo 'exit 0' > /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon
# chmod +x /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon

Now, do your chroot work, and finally:

# [ `stat --format '%s' /sbin/sbin/start-stop-daemon` -lt 200 ] && mv # /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon.keep /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon

That'll restore start-stop-daemon IFF it wasn't replaced during
something (eg. if you do your apt-get <something>, it *might* place a
newer version of s-s-d, which you want to keep, of course:)

However, if apt-get decides to install a new version of s-s-d, you're
f*cked up again...


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