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[Announce] Domain Technologie Control 0.12.0 R6

Hello everybody!
Just a little announce to tell you that the latests version of my control pannel is out.
- Totaly automated installation : nearly NOTHING to do to setup a debian system ready for hosting, exept editing named.conf with your forwarders DNS.
- 6 languages : french, english, russian, duch, german, and spanish
- Complete bandwith monitoring for each services (http, ftp, pop and smtp) and per users accounting
- Mature and production capable product (can handle realy a lot of accounts
- automated FTP backups for each domain, SSL support, and much more.
- archive access logs per vhost + webalizer stats
For those who don't know DTC, here is it's apt-cache show:
Description: A hosting web GUI for admin and accounting apache/named/proftpd/qmail
 DTC is a set of PHP scripts and a web interface that manage a MySQL database
 that handles all the host information. It generates backup scripts, statistic
 calculation scripts, and config files for bind, Apache, qmail, and proftpd,
 using a single system UID/GID. With DTC, you can delegate the task of creating
 subdomains, email, and FTP accounts to users for the domain names they own,
 and monitor bandwidth per user and service.
You can add the following repository to your /etc/apt/source.list. This adds also the following package I did (on witch dtc depends):
- mod_log_sql: a wonderfull apache module that uses mysql for doing apache's log. Enjoy it in a debian package for stable ! :)
- mysqmail: a replacement for smtp logger, qmail-pop3d and checkpassword so that it uses mysql for passwords and loggin traffic
Here is where to fetch:
deb ftp://ftp.gplhost.com/debian stable main
Or get individual binary or source packages in:
Home page of DTC project:
Last note: help on that project is ALWAYS welcome !!! And I still need to get in touch with a good (eg friendly) contact at debian.org to have DTC included in next debian release...
Best regards to all debian developpers,
    Thomas GOIRAND
mail: thomas@goirand.fr
Get a hosting account: http://gplhost.com
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