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Re: debian on HP proliant

Am Do, den 22.04.2004 schrieb Lucas Albers um 19:54:

> >> Hu? I installed Woody (bf24) on a couple of DL380G3 without a hitch -
> >> the cciss works just fine and you can of course boot from it.
> >> The only "special" thing I do is to load the module for the installed
> >> NIC (Broadcom bcm57xx - tg3.o) so I can download a new kernel as soon as
> >> the base-system is installed...
> We are planning to get some proliant DL380G2 systems.
> With the HP Smart Array HP Smart Array 6402 controller.

Do you really mean DL380G2 and not DL380G3? G2 is out-of-production for
quite some time now... The DL380G3 has a SmartArray 5i onboard, so you
wont need an extra RAID controller unless you need more channels.

> You installed onto this system using sarge?
> Or drivers disks with bf24?
> I'm very interested in your setup steps.

I just installed another DL380G3 yesterday with Woody. Even using iLO as
no monitor was nearby and I was too lazy to get one... 

Here's my procedure - definitely easier than Nathans approach ;o)

Prepare a floppy with the module for the GbE interfaces. Get the source
from Broadcom and compile against 2.4.18-bf24 or use the module from my
website (http://people.iirc.at/moswald/linux/bf24_modules/bcm5700/).
Copy bmc5700.o to your floppy into the /boot directory.

 - Put in a standard Woody CD, boot from it and start with bf24
 - Continue as on any other system
 - Before you can setup your network, choose "preload modules from
   floppy" and insert the disk with the module and load it
 - Configure network and continue as usual
 - Reboot
 - Before finishing the installation, change to another console and
   load module from floppy again [1] and setup your network.
 - Switch back to the first console and continue with installation,
   download security-fixes and maybe a new kernel [2]

I think it's quite straightforward, as you just need to preload a single
modules from floppy - the rest is just another Woody setup...
And if you want sarge, well, install woody and update to sarge -
definitely a lot less work ;o)

[1] Copy it to your disk and adapt /etc/modules if you want to continue
using 2.4.18-bf24. I usually install a current kernel before I reboot
again so I don't care... 
[2] I've packaged DL380G3 kernels and the corresponding .config on my
website - they're used on quite a few servers.

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