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Re: bandwidth


> Hi,
> My question is how much bandwidth should I ask for with my local
> backbone to provide such universe of almost 96 home computers with a
> reasonable internet access service?
> Thanks,
We run business like this in Poland, with few tousands customers now. ou
I suggest 2mbps + linux router + proper bandwith management (in such a
small networks classifying traffic via htb classes in three segments -
interactive, normal, and bulk, each one giving around 1/3 of total
bandwith should do the trick).

Oh, and may depends on quality of link. If you get 2Mbps DSL without
CIR, to provider who don't have good peering... But 2Mbps of good
Internet, with CIR will be more than sufficient.

Best regards

Grzegorz Marszalek

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