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Re: ReiserFS via NFS

On Tuesday 20 April 2004 02.22, Donovan Baarda wrote:
> For me, inclusion into
> the standard Linux kernel counts for something; others have already
> thought hard about what is "ready" to go in, I don't have to
> duplicate that effort. AFAIK raiser and ext3 are the only ones in so
> far.

Just FYI: 2.6.4 includes ext3, reiser, JFS and XFS.

I've used ext3 and reiser in the past, both without problems, though 
just on a few small systems, no recovery stories at all. But since I've 
had to rescue some systems now and then (botched kernel, libc or init), 
and sometimes an oldish Linux boot CD was the only one lying around 
(like, woody), I've switched from reiser to ext3 as this is easier to 
deal with since ext2 is in all the kernels, while reiser is not.

-- vbi

Es ist leichter, ganz zu schweigen, als sich im Reden mäßigen.
		-- Thomas von Kempen

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