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Re: debian on HP proliant

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 16:11:26 +0100, Markus Oswald <moswald@iirc.at> wrote:

>Having said that, the ProLiant ML330 come with an ATA-RAID which is
>based on an LSI chipset (MegaIDE) which is not supported by Debian - the
>only driver available is a half GNU, half closed-source driver.
>Furthermore the drives attached to those IDE-Ports are not accessible as
>"normal" IDE devices (i.e. /dev/hda) so you basically get a machine
>without any usable IDE interface except for one which is attached to the
>If you buy one of these machines you'll either have to use a model with
>SCSI controller or install an extra IDE-controller.

I got this booting in a lab with the on-board ATA-RAID using a bf2.4 kernel some
weeks ago (February).  I was using an HP DL320 server.  The only issue with the
bf2.4 kernel was requiring a net module for the NIC which I managed to
succesfully extracate from the rpm and insmod.

I'm now trying to do the same using the new debian-installer and testing
distribution but notice that there's no megaide.o module/driver in the new
three-floppy testing distribution.  I've got the shim source for the driver from
LSI but having compiled it on another 2.4.25 testing box and copied it onto a
floppy the module is refusing to insmod on my debian-installer box.

Before I start building a custom debian-installer rescue floppy with a
customised kernel including this module I wondered if anyone knew of a module
floppy that might have a working LSI ATA-RAID kernel module on it.

I can't believe I'd really need to install Woody using bf2.4 and then upgrade
just to get an ATA-RAID driver!



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