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Re: which scsi raid adapter?

On Sat, 10 Apr 2004 10:12, Franz Georg Köhler <lists@openunix.de> wrote:
> >> Mylex sucks.
> >
> > huh? why?
> Firstly, performance sucks.

Bonnie++ on the Mylex cards I tested with a few years ago gave quite poor 
results.  The performance of reading and writing large files sequentially on 
an array of U160 disks was significantly less than on a single cheap IDE 

The seek times were quite good however, so doing an upgrade through dselect 
went fairly quickly.

> Secondly, the LINUX driver is kind of "special".
> While GDT controllers are recognised as scsi adapters, the Mylex driver
> has it's own device naming scheme (this is, why it doesn't appear in the
> SCSI submenu: it is not a scsi driver).

This is annoying.  But they aren't alone, there's CCISS and IDA as well.

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