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Re: which scsi raid adapter?

On Sa, Apr 10, 2004 at 01:54:59 +0200, Tinus Nijmeijers <mlists@deephosting.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 00:51, Franz Georg Köhler wrote:
>> On Sa, Apr 10, 2004 at 12:43:55 +0200, Tinus Nijmeijers <mlists@deephosting.com> wrote:
>>> I used to use Mylex  acceleraid cards (DAC960) which are in bf24 and in
>>> the standard 2.4.* kernels. Now they are phased out by the new owners of
>>> Mylex,  LSI.
>> Mylex sucks.
> huh? why?

Firstly, performance sucks.
My 960 had 128 Mbyte of RAM and still couldn't compete with GTD or IFT

Secondly, the LINUX driver is kind of "special".
While GDT controllers are recognised as scsi adapters, the Mylex driver
has it's own device naming scheme (this is, why it doesn't appear in the
SCSI submenu: it is not a scsi driver).
ICP offers a utility named icpcon, which is avaiable for linux and
enables full access to the GTD features/firmware (add/remove
physical/logical drives, etc while the os is running).
The MyLex driver offers a incomplete interface via the proc system, if I
remember this correctly.
Finally, for the benefit of Mylex, I have to say that mylex supported the
linux developer(s?) by donating/borrowing hardware.

>>> so, what's a good scsi raid card that is in any of the woody kernel
>>> install flavours and supported in standard (debian) kernels?
>> ICP Vortex: http://www.vortex.de/
>> Unfortunately, the GDT driver is not part of the woody distributiuon
>> kernel.
> how do you install a fresh machine with an ICP (not "HOW" but "YOU" :-)
> create boot-flops on an already installed machine?

The current sarge installer has full support for GTD adapters.
Beside that, you could recompile the debian kernel an copy it onto
disk/CD or preload GDT modules from floppy during installation.

>> I recently replaced all Mylex 960 Adapters by GTD controllers.
> what happened to to Mylexen? dying in droves? (I've never seen a problem
> with them)

My Mylex Controller currupted the entire RAID as it was actually
supposed to rebuild it...(RAID-5 with SPARE, 9 discs). The disc outage
itself was handled fine, though (and this is finally the reason why I
replaced the hardware. I didn't care that much about performance but

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