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Re: backup software: Legato's Networker, Veritas' NetBackup, or IBM's Tivoli?

How else is it going to have permissions to backup everything on the system?
The port it locked to a particular backup server...
So only that ip address can connect to that port.

we use legato to backup:
suse 8x,redhat 6x,7x clients,windows nt2k,xpwin2k clients.

Works great!, we love it.
Have not used it for debian yet, but I think I just need to alienize the
package and play around with it.

Ed Thomson said:

> I didn't like Veritas' software at all -- it worked (moderately) under
> Linux by running as root and opening a port up.  There was little
> documentation at all, and absolutely nothing about its security.
> That scares me.
> -Ed
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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