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Acknowledgement of your message to Technical Support


This is an automatic response to the message you sent to
support@firmware.com.  You will not receive this automatic
response to mail sent to this address more often than once
per day.

We receive a large volume of email every day, and in order
to be able to provide the quickest responses we will
address some of the more common questions here.  

If your question is not answered here or in the resources
listed here, you can resend your message to: 


to reach a support technician.

Our support department is primarily responsible for
supporting the products we sell and priority will be given
to Micro Firmware customers.


If you are looking for a BIOS upgrade:

We have BIOS upgrades for the systems listed on our



All of these upgrades are for systems made by Gateway,
Micron, or Packard Bell, or systems which use these
Intel or Micronics motherboards.

We sell these BIOS upgrades mainly to add support for larger
hard drives and newer CPUs.

For all other systems, our ATA PRO line of add-in cards
add support for large hard drives.  See:


We do not have BIOS upgrades for any notebook systems.

Motherboard or system manufacturers are normally the only
source for BIOS updates.


If you are needing support for the BIOS on your system or
help with some other problem on your computer system:

There are over a thousand different motherboards made by
hundreds of manufacturers. Each has a unique BIOS normally
created by the motherboard manufacturer using core code
licensed from a company such as Phoenix, Award, or AMI.
Phoenix or Micro Firmware have no information on any
specific BIOSes. All support for BIOS issues is the
responsibility of the system and/or motherboard manufacturer.


If you are needing support for a larger hard drive:

We offer a line of add-in cards with BIOS extensions on them to
add BIOS support for larger drives. Our ATA PRO Flash card
is $34.95 plus shipping and can be ordered from our sales
department at 800-767-5465 or 405-321-8333 or
sales@firmware.com or directly from our website. This card
adds support for hard drives up to 127 gigabytes.

For more info on the ATA PRO cards, see our website:




If you are needing info on how to access CMOS setup or
you are needing a setup disk:

The default setup keys for Phoenix ROM BIOS Plus would be

The default setup keys for Phoenix A486 would be CTL-ALT-S.

The default setup key for Phoenix 4.03, 4.04, 4.05, and 4.06
(4.0 Release 6.x) BIOSes is F2.

These defaults could have been changed by the OEM to anything
they wanted to use instead.

Dell systems usually use CTL-ALT-ENTER.

XT systems do not have a setup program. Any configurable
options are set by DIP switches on the motherboard.

Also, this board may require an external setup program
to access CMOS setup. This would have been provided with the
system and a replacement copy would be provided by the system

This file has some info on locating setup programs for
certain brands of PCs:


If this board needs an external setup program and you cannot
locate the correct program for that system, we keep a generic
Phoenix BIOS setup program on our website at:


We provide no support on this program. It may not work on
your system and it may possibly render the system unusable.

If you get into trouble with this program, the solution
may be to clear CMOS RAM. Some info on that can be found
in this document:



If you are getting an error message concerning Phoenix Miser
after installing or reformatting a hard drive on a notebook
system with a Phoenix BIOS:

We do not sell or support PHDISK. You would need to contact
the notebook manufacturer for any help. For some additional
info, see:


We have no BIOS upgrades for any notebook systems.
We have no information on any notebook systems.
We sell no products for any notebook systems.


Many other topics are addressed in technical documents on our
website at:


If you are a Micro Firmware customer and have a question or
need some help with a product purchased from us, please email
us at support2@firmware.com or call us at 405-321-8333.

If you are not a Micro Firmware customer, we may be able to
answer some questions relating to Phoenix BIOSes. You can
email us at support2@firmware.com


Micro Firmware Technical Support           rev 09/14/99 TLS


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