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Re: dsl Verizon.com

H. S. wrote:
Apparently, _Christopher J. Noyes_, on 03/19/04 00:00,typed:

I have DSL with verizon.com. It uses a Westel Wirespeed external modem connected to a network card though ethernet. Does anyone know how configure this on debian?
Christopher J. Noyes

(maybe this explains why you are using M$ LookOut to post this :))

Could be that since he can't get his home internet setup he has to
post from work, where only MSO is available.

BTW, have you tried Mozilla on WIndows?

But coming back to your query, pppoeconf should automatically detect the DSL connection on one of youe eth cards, as longas the cable is connected and the modem is switched ON.

Don't waste time with pppoe.  Set your NIC to pick up a DHCP
address, plugin the modem, and surf to

Everything is configurable from there.



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