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Re: dsl Verizon.com

Paul Johnson wrote:
"Christopher J. Noyes" <cjnoyes@cjnoyessw.com> writes:

I have DSL with verizon.com. It uses a Westel Wirespeed external modem
connected to a network card though ethernet. Does anyone know how configure
this on debian?

If you're lucky, and they're not using PPPoE, then this will be easy.
All you need to do is plug that puppy into your gateway box and try
setting it up like it's on a DHCP-configured network, and it should
Just Work.  If it uses PPPoE, check google.  Looking through the dwww
running on my site, I find a DSL HOWTO...


...and the Bridge+Firewall+DSL HOWTO...


Hope this helps.

This guy here explains how to setup a westell in Linux:



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