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Re: mod_php vs fastcgi/php speed

Dnia Friday 19 of March 2004 06:42, Joris napisał:
> So far a google search has yielded nothing but unbacked statements (I'll
> clean up the language a bit): "mod_php is a lot fast er than php-cgi",
> and "fastcgi/php is a lot faster than mod_php". Not very usefull.
For me it was 0.7 req/s on one machine with mod_suphp (almost the same thing 
as php-cgi) and 70 req/s with php-fastcgi version.

The interesting thing is that no one works on fixing perchild MPM in apache2 
that would allow to use standard mod_php in secure way :/

It would be great if someone get paid to fix that once for all.

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