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Re: Best Authentikation and security against WarDriver

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Collegues,
Now I have 17 Lucent ORINOCO COR/ROR and one Proxim MP.11a (54 MBit)
Now my question:

How can I block the Netzwork for all and do only allow to my Clients ?
I know Win98 has already 'pptp' but Win95 and Macintosh ?

In general, the Clients are using PCI/PCMCIA-Adaptors with ORINOCO GoldCards, because others are laking in Performance for this.

There was someone which has sugested to install the pptpd...
How secure is it ?

Setting up pptp or ipsec would definitely be the most elegant solution, but alas it'd also be the most nightmarish to set up with so many different operating systems.

The other solution I can think is authenticating users with a login/password in a caged firewalled environment, and after positive auth (via a web page), open up their connection to the network.

There's an article discussing this on linux journal september 2003 issue, but it seems it's not available to the public:

However, it deals with setting up software that does this trick, specifically NoCatAuth, which can be downloaded from: www.nocat.com


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