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Best Authentikation and security against WarDriver

Hello Collegues, 

Now I have 17 Lucent ORINOCO COR/ROR and one Proxim MP.11a (54 MBit)

I will istall this System in Fes/Morocco but I need some sugestions.

My Clients are using Windows (95 and bigger), Macintosh, and Linux.
All clients will get a fixed IP without releasetime. They can admin 
there own Domainnames (associated with there IP). 

Now the problem:	WarDriver

The Base-Transmiter are connected to a 12-Port 3Com Switch, which is 
connected to the eth0 of a transparent proxy (ipac-ng) for traffic 
counting. eth1 is connected to my Main-Router which do the Subnetrouting.

Now my question:

How can I block the Netzwork for all and do only allow to my Clients ?
I know Win98 has already 'pptp' but Win95 and Macintosh ?

In general, the Clients are using PCI/PCMCIA-Adaptors with ORINOCO 
GoldCards, because others are laking in Performance for this.

There was someone which has sugested to install the pptpd...
How secure is it ?

Does it work wit the Macintosh and Win95 ?

I have seen, that there ist a pptp-client for Debian/WOODY...
So no problem for US !


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