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Re: MySQL - PostgreSQL - DB2 - What? [SCANNED]

On 3/5/04 10:49 AM, "Ben Yau" wrote:

> I too have had similar concerns.  I always thought of postgresql as the
> "stable" database and mysql as the, well, "development" database or
> "non-mission-critical" database.  Esp. since mysql didn't handle
> transactoins (which is why it was faster).  Check out some of the articles
> on phpbuilder.com re: speed tests and things like that of postgres vs mysql.
> The author did lots of tests and found that mysql did not outperform
> postgres on some of his tests.

I thought that 4.0.1+ was introducing transactions, or at least 4.1 is. We
have MySQL on our production sites for clients and have to say it is pretty
solid. We have some clients running 20K plus records.

There was some issues with 4.0.12-13 though. As far as I know 4.0.17 is
solid as a rock so far.
David Thurman
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