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Re: [mailinglists] Re: MySQL - PostgreSQL - DB2 - What?


we are running several mysql servers and one is
extremly busy performing nearly 1k queries per second
average. mysql 4.0.18 is very stable, fast and as far as
it comes to transactions the table type is important. mysqls
myisam table type is not able to do transactions, but from
mysql 4.x on innodb is included by default and you can do transactions,
row-locking and pretty much other stuff. what is really missing in
my view is the ability to do sub-queries (planned for 4.1), stored
procedures (planned for 5.0) and a real solution (with native mysql)
for clustering mysql dbs (no idea about plans). at the moment you can only
do replication
with a master (where writes go to) and serveral slaves (where you can
read from), but i need a system with the ability to do synchronous
between two or more masters to have a HA mysql cluster. but this is not
offered by postgreSQL either.

if you dont need replication then using mysql is a good choice.

Best Regards,

PS: concerning "mission critical": the next election of the european
parliament will be
supported by mysql and a java-application. have a look at this article:
only, sorry)

> > I too have had similar concerns.  I always thought of postgresql as the
> > "stable" database and mysql as the, well, "development" database or
> > "non-mission-critical" database.  Esp. since mysql didn't handle
> > transactoins (which is why it was faster).  Check out some of the
> > on phpbuilder.com re: speed tests and things like that of postgres vs
> > The author did lots of tests and found that mysql did not outperform
> > postgres on some of his tests.
> I thought that 4.0.1+ was introducing transactions, or at least 4.1 is. We
> have MySQL on our production sites for clients and have to say it is
> solid. We have some clients running 20K plus records.
> There was some issues with 4.0.12-13 though. As far as I know 4.0.17 is
> solid as a rock so far.
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> Thanks!!
> David Thurman
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