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RE: MySQL - PostgreSQL - DB2 - What?

> Hi,
> I work as webmaster for SONY.
> We use several db system (oracle, postgressql, mysql)
> We are very happy and satisfied with mySQL!
> > We're planning a new website where we will use a DB with
> > 500.000 to 1.000.000  records. We are now deciding which
> > database server we will use. We've read that MySQL
> > has big problems from 150.000 records and more.
> Not true. I administer several bigger websites/projects running on mySQL.
> I have mySQL databases with over 10.000.000 records which runs fast
> and are perfectly able to scope with high number of read and writes.

I too have had similar concerns.  I always thought of postgresql as the
"stable" database and mysql as the, well, "development" database or
"non-mission-critical" database.  Esp. since mysql didn't handle
transactoins (which is why it was faster).  Check out some of the articles
on phpbuilder.com re: speed tests and things like that of postgres vs mysql.
The author did lots of tests and found that mysql did not outperform
postgres on some of his tests.

That being said, during my research I had found that lots of companies are
using mysql on large production dbs without problems.  I did use it on a
recent project of mine and had no problems with it.  I think I inserted
10,000,000 records into a table and had minor problems with the index
rebuilding (slow...) and was doing lots of inserts/deletes during my testing
phase.  DIdn't seem as quick to do this as postgres was.  But if you're not
going to be doing huge maounts of inserts/deletes at one time, it seemed

(my laptop by the way i was testing on was a PIII with 128MB RAM on redhat


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