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RE: MySQL - PostgreSQL - DB2 - What?


I work as webmaster for SONY.
We use several db system (oracle, postgressql, mysql)

We are very happy and satisfied with mySQL! 

> We're planning a new website where we will use a DB with 
> 500.000 to 1.000.000  records. We are now deciding which
> database server we will use. We've read that MySQL
> has big problems from 150.000 records and more. 

Not true. I administer several bigger websites/projects running on mySQL.
I have mySQL databases with over 10.000.000 records which runs fast
and are perfectly able to scope with high number of read and writes.

There is on thing you need to be aware of with mySQL databases:
With MySQL you can choose which table format (handler) you want to store
your data in.
These different table formats have different abilities. 

 -no transactions
 -very fast
 -excellent read performance
 -very good write performance
 -but bad performence for simultanious read and writes!

 -fast but little bit slower than myISAM
 -can handle high volume simultaniously reads and writes.

> Also we've read that PostgreSQL is very slow on such records.

Sounds like old/wrong info to me.
PostgreSQL is powerfull and actually quite fast. 

I have experience with Oracle, Postgress and mySQL.
I can get Oracle basicly for free (company agreement).
I would choose MySQL in 9 out of 10 times for my project.

I hope that my comments will help you.

Kind regards

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