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Re: Debian and SAN support

El lun, 09-02-2004 a las 19:23, Michael Loftis escribió:
> Yes but if you have need of sharing a single filesystem, on a single 
> volume, you need a FS capable of such.

Ah yes...well doh... i didnt think of that...thx

Ok... You can tell i dont know much about this matters. I just want to
learn about it. 

Would anyone  be so kind as to point me to a link where this need may be
described? Because... through my limited knowledge, id nfs or samba the
damned share out of a server and off we go...:)... 

I have the feeling that would put a fast end in my career, so any help
in my apprenticeship would be appreciated (I am currently STFW for
cluster fs and such....more would be better thanks).

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