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Re: Debian and SAN support

Im not shure i follow. If youve already got the SAN, why the need of a

I thought it would just export you its volumes and youd see it as scsi

El lun, 09-02-2004 a las 14:44, J.J. van Gorkum escribió:
> Hi,
> Can sombody point me in the right direction for cluster Filesystem
> support (that will work on Debian) to be used in combination with a SAN?
> (Compaq MSA1000) 
> I have found:
> - luster (clusterFS) the say they have support for Linux 2.4.x but the
> systenms segfault on vanilla 2.4.20 kernels...
> - gpfs (suspended by IBM due to the (soon) arrival of Storage Tank)
> - openGFS (but the project seems dead -- and segv on the DLM module)
> Keep in mind that running a Redhat kernel is NOT an option. 
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