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Re: CISCO netflow graphs on Linux

You are better off sticking to flatfiles, perl and RRD. Excel wont be able
to deal with the amount of data that netflow generates, and a database is
just a VERY expensive way of doing it (Data grows to at least 4 times the
Maybe you are agregating a lot more than we did...



> RRDTool gives a lot of flexibility, and is a related project of mrtg.
> Recently I got to use what is marketed as pivot :) In short, if you
> could dump your data in a database or even in a flat file, you can
> connect to it through a spreadsheet (open-office is fully compatible
> for  the perticular feature wih MS excell). The beauty of this
> technique is,  you can give any no of different dimentions (olap word,
> in short lets  say in case of time -> years, months, weeks, days,
> hours...),  and  create a report, and it allows you to drill down, just
> as you like.

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