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Re: CISCO netflow graphs on Linux

Craig Schneider wrote:

Hi Guys

Can anyone recommend software to graph Cisco's netflow traffic on Debian


RRDTool gives a lot of flexibility, and is a related project of mrtg. Recently I got to use what is marketed as pivot :) In short, if you could dump your data in a database or even in a flat file, you can connect to it through a spreadsheet (open-office is fully compatible for the perticular feature wih MS excell). The beauty of this technique is, you can give any no of different dimentions (olap word, in short lets say in case of time -> years, months, weeks, days, hours...), and create a report, and it allows you to drill down, just as you like.

There is an application called crystal info that even alows you to design & email these files (called cubes) to people. In version 7, this tool was free.

In any case, as long as you dump your data in a DB, rest of the task can be doen from a spreadsheet. I have used RRD & mrtg, and I find that pivot (MS name to this sort of basic olap functionality) is exremely powerfull. What's better, openoffice allows a similar feature, so you can actually do this on linux.


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