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Re: ISP / Autorization Required 4 internet connection...


On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:39:32 +0100 (CET) reilord@space.pl wrote:

> I have problem with internet connection in Knoppix (latest v.). I 
> configured the network card, entered the proxy server, but mozilla 
> says that proxy needs to be autorized and it couldn't fullfill my 
> request or something like that. I could not connect even my 
> communicator in WinXp cause of due proxy autorization data. Where 
> should I look 4 the auth. info? In WinXP i can only browsee the 
> websites. In Knoppix I pinged my adress, the another lan adres, 
> server, isp, and all with response exept hosts like google.com or 
> yahoo.com. Please help!

If you're using MS Proxy oer MS-ISA Server, that will be (if configured
default or on Microsoft suggestion) to use NTLM authentication scheme.
The latter is said to be supported with Mozilla 1.6 as being the very
first one after MS-IE. What do the headers of the proxy's answer packet
tell about the auth scheme?


Volker Tanger


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