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Re: upgrading to MySQL 4 on woody

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 02:43:52PM +0100, Andreas Vent-Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,


> is there any way to do an upgrade for a single Deb package which is 
> NOT listed in the stable package list?
> I want to upgrade only MySQL to version 4.0.x (because of the fine 
> transaction feature), but want not to change the apt source list in 
> general (I want to keep the *stable* system).
> Is there a "mysql-4.0.17.deb" or something like that out there in 
> space? I didn't find such things on the mysql.com website...
> (Well, it is: in the *testing* distribution. Can I mix this, and if 
> so: how to do this?)

Fetching packages from testing or unstable is an option. But then you
would probably need to deal with apt pinning and I'm not that
experienced with this particular feature of apt to guide you on how you
could achieve such a setup.

Another option is to look for a backport of mysql. I've just found that
backports.org have a backported package of mysql version 4.0.16 properly
built to work under a stable (woody) system.

I cannot speak for the robustness of the package as I never used it, but
then it seems to me that the whole idea of backport.org's existence is to
then it seems to be the same codebase adn the same packaging from the
provide the same Debian package as released to unstable/testing with a
minimal change only to allow it to be installed fine under stable.

Have a look at www.backports.org to find out how you could fetch the
packages from there.


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