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ntpd listening on alias interfaces seems non-trivial

I have been attempting, without success, to get ntpd listening on an
alias interface on one of my general purpose boxes. It seems that ntpd
prefers to listen on localhost:ntp and eth0addr:ntp. It opens a socket
for *:ntp as well, but does not respond to queries on other addresses.
Here is some LSOF output demonstrating this..:

# lsof -p 16667 |grep UDP
ntpd    16667 root    4u  IPv4    4493134             UDP *:ntp 
ntpd    16667 root    5u  IPv4    4493135             UDP localhost:ntp 
ntpd    16667 root    6u  IPv4    4493136             UDP hostname:ntp 

I checked the archives, and it seems another poster had similar trouble
in Dec'02, but there were no apparent follow-up posts. Google has also
been less than revealing on this topic. All suggestions entertained.


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