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Re: Considering Debian (currently using Red Hat)

Matt Wehland said:
> So you just install a stable system, keep up with the security updates,
> build
> your own local repository (plenty of ways to do this) and build the few
> packages that you need newer versions of.
> This is what I am doing (just got apt-proxy working and it's great).
> This gives you a known secure system, and all you have to keep an eye on
> is
> security advisories that affect the packages you have built yourself.
> I keep my servers on stable, and run my workstations on testing.
I have recently started the process of switching my computers from redhat
to debian.
I would very much appreciate step by step directions for creating a local
repository for redistribution of kernel packages and locally built

I ran across basic directions on setting up mirror, but nothing about
debianizing a package; if you just want it for a local package.
eg, you don't need the full steps, just enough to convert a tar.gz file to
a .deb file.

I run the 2.4.23+ kernels on my servers as it supports the newest
hardware. I don't run stable because they don't have drivers for my newer
network card. I also recompile my kernel with grsecurity security patches.
I am currently only running 4 debian boxes, but I have yet to encounter a
single kernel crash.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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