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Re: replacing sanitizer w/ amavisd-new

Might I suggest MailScanner? For me it's been MUCH more reliable and flexible. In fact I'm gearing up to replace amavisd-new with MailScanner at work. We've run into some bugs with the latest version (4.24 specifically), but the verison I'm using on FreeBSD 4.22.5 is solid, and the version in debian stable 3.13.2 should also be very solid.

It works with a slew of AV scanners,a nd integrating with one it doesn't support natively is simple as editing a few files. The thing has about 1000 some odd settings though so it can be daunting to set up.

--On Saturday, January 10, 2004 15:12 -0500 Dan MacNeil <omacneil@brave.cs.uml.edu> wrote:

Right now we use sanitizer (stable package) to call a virus scanner and to
strip script,img, style, etc tags

We're thinking of switching to amavisd-new (unstable) and clamav (testing)
because while sanitizer strips out the virus, it still passes the junk
message through. We'd like to be able to drop virus infected messages to
the floor. Another (very minor) consideration is that sanitizer is not a
daemon and pays a speed penalty every time it is launched.

The problem I see looking at the docs is that amavisd-new doesn't strip
out potentially evil html.

The direction, we're drifting is to run sanitizer after amavisd-new. (I
think postfix can run filters in sequence)

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