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Re: Postfix-mysql-procmail

On Sun, 11 Jan 2004 01:17, Robert Hensel <robert@hensel.nl> wrote:
> I currently have a properly working postfix-mysql setup. This all works
> fine, but I would like to implement an autoresponder/other stuff. The
> problem is, that for example procmail doesn't seem to work with virtual
> users. I have added "mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail ". But this
> line is completely ignored :(

The most important thing about auto-responders is that they implement the 
regex described in procmailrc(5) as FROM_DAEMON.  If you do this by scripts 
then make sure that the script does such a regular expression check.  
Otherwise you will inevitably end up with people forgetting to unsubscribe 
from mailing lists and sending vacation messages to every person who posts to 
the list (thus getting you lots of flames).

Also think very carefully about whether you want an auto-responder, it will 
respond to spam and send messages to innocent third parties.  Such a program 
can easily get you hundreds of flames per hour...

I've been thinking about alternate solutions to this problem.  One option is 
to send a 45x code in response to the message (determined by combination of 
"mail from:" and "rcpt to:") for a period of 4 hours with a message about why 
the mail is being diverted etc, then accepting it after that.  4 hours is 
enough time for most mail servers to generate a warning email based on the 
45x code.

Another option is to receive the entire message, accept it for delivery but 
instead of a 25x give a 55x code with a message saying "this message was 
delivered, but please note that the account holder is on vacation".

These methods should allow the vacation message to reliably go only to the 
originator of the message (or to no-one if it's a spam).  However they do 
require that a new proxy program be written to receive the mail as no 
existing software (AFAIK) is capable of doing it.

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