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Re: Postfix-mysql-procmail

This one time, at band camp, Russell Coker said:
> Another option is to receive the entire message, accept it for delivery but 
> instead of a 25x give a 55x code with a message saying "this message was 
> delivered, but please note that the account holder is on vacation".
> These methods should allow the vacation message to reliably go only to the 
> originator of the message (or to no-one if it's a spam).  However they do 
> require that a new proxy program be written to receive the mail as no 
> existing software (AFAIK) is capable of doing it.

I think you can do something like this with /etc/aliases, although I am
no expert.  exim uses a real-$local_part in the standard configuration
to bypass aliasing, so an entry could be added like:

testuser: real-testuser, :fail: On vacation

Just tested and this is what I see:
2004-01-10 22:44:23 1AfWWV-0000dZ-Mc <= steve@lobefin.net U=steve P=local S=313 
  I send the message with mail
2004-01-10 22:44:23 1AfWWV-0000dZ-Mc ** testuser@lobefin.net R=system_aliases:
  It generates an error
2004-01-10 22:44:23 1AfWWV-0000dZ-Mc => testuser <testuser@lobefin.net> R=real_local T=maildir_home 
  And then gets really deliverd to testuse
2004-01-10 22:44:23 1AfWWV-0000dc-Rh <= <> R=1AfWWV-0000dZ-Mc U=Debian-exim P=local S=1102 
2004-01-10 22:44:23 1AfWWV-0000dZ-Mc Completed 
2004-01-10 22:44:24 1AfWWV-0000dc-Rh => steve <steve@lobefin.net> R=procmail T=procmail_pipe 
2004-01-10 22:44:24 1AfWWV-0000dc-Rh Completed 
  And the bounce goes to me with the text noted.

I don't know what your MTA allows, but this works here.

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