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exim passing parameter to pipe

Been working on RT and almost go it up except for one problem with a parameter. In my
exim.conf file, in the transports section, I have:

command = "/opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ${quote:${extract{1}{.}{$domain}}} --action
${quote:${if match {$local_part}{^support-(.+)\\$}{$1}{correspond}}}"

The problem is the part:

${quote:${if match {$local_part}{^support-(.+)\\$}{$1}{correspond}}}

which is supposed to set the action to anything following "support-", or "correspond" if one
does not exist. I am getting the error message:

2004-01-09 01:23:43 1Aeqzf-0002Bz-00 == support@dailydatainc.com T=local_delivery_rt defer
(0): Expansion of "${quote:${if" from command "/opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue
${quote:${extract{1}{.}{$domain}}} --action ${quote:${if match {$localpart} {-} {correspond}
{correspond}}}" in local_delivery_rt transport failed: condition name expected, but found ""

Can anyone tell me what this means. Am I totally missing the point of regex's in this. I am
not trying to do a condition, I am trying to parse out the command, if one exists.



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