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Re: Best Practices: CGI.pm & CSS2 ???

Speaking of templates have you considered PHP?  I would consider that the
ultimate template system and the ultimate customization vehicle.  Instead of
relying on unreliable client side interpretation of style sheets and
javascript you have a controllable environment on the server side.  Think
about it like this, if you are embedding some html into ur script
application use Perl, if you are embedding some scripting into your website
use PHP.  They have this yin-yang relationship.  If you know how to use
server side includes then you basically already know how to use PHP.

At 07:07 PM 1/2/04 -0600, stargazer@dailydata.net wrote:
>If you want to see a site that uses poor HTML/CSS, view
http://www.buybordenmilk.com (it's a site my company designed and we host,
so I can slam it if I want). The designer did some good
>stuff, but she also did absolute positioning with the CSS. Try it at
1280x1024. (We're getting ready to do a re-write).

Heh, that site's not *that* bad, I've seen far worse.  One page doesn't even
show up because of basic html mistakes.  Ok no rants today ;)

"...ne cede males"


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