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Re: Best Practices: CGI.pm & CSS2 ???

PHP is not your perfect "template system"; even though it capable of
nice and tidy simple web pages, it is worse than embedded HTML in Perl
for producing complex pages and large sites.

So, even PHP has a problem to solve regarding separation of code and
appearance.  For that, there are templates systems available for PHP
just like there are for Perl; a few are even included with the PHP
source code distribution (as part of PEAR).

Also, for PHP compatibility with Perl's famous HTML::Template, there
are at least two projects for PHP which implement that module's



Daniel Brown <djb@unixan.com>

Wrote Chris Wagner:

> Speaking of templates have you considered PHP?  I would consider that the
> ultimate template system and the ultimate customization vehicle.  Instead of
> relying on unreliable client side interpretation of style sheets and
> javascript you have a controllable environment on the server side.  Think
> about it like this, if you are embedding some html into ur script
> application use Perl, if you are embedding some scripting into your website
> use PHP.  They have this yin-yang relationship.  If you know how to use
> server side includes then you basically already know how to use PHP.
> At 07:07 PM 1/2/04 -0600, stargazer@dailydata.net wrote:
> >If you want to see a site that uses poor HTML/CSS, view
> http://www.buybordenmilk.com (it's a site my company designed and we host,
> so I can slam it if I want). The designer did some good
> >stuff, but she also did absolute positioning with the CSS. Try it at
> 1280x1024. (We're getting ready to do a re-write).
> Heh, that site's not *that* bad, I've seen far worse.  One page doesn't even
> show up because of basic html mistakes.  Ok no rants today ;)
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