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High Memory Kernels and buffer bouncing

I was wondering if anyone is running a heavy worked server with memory above 4GB on a 
SMP 32 bit i386 machine.

I think that my mail server at work is getting bounce buffers, but I am not sure 
how to detect them. Does anybody no how ?

I compiled my kernel for High Memory support, but I am not sure this is
all I need to do. Is there another patch I need to worry about or should
a stock Debian kernel provide me with all the needs for High memory.

There is a person on http://kernel.org named  Matthias Andree that wrote a
highmem patch and was wondering if that was in the Debian Kernels ?

The reason I ask is that occasionally, the server performance spirals down
exponentially when both the IO and users logged in gets to a certain
level. This seems too look like the buffers are bouncing on the memory
channel as documented here:


Ted Knab
Chester, MD 21619


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