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Re: /etc/lilo.conf and system.map mismatches -- my syntax ?

> An unidentified someone repsonded to the original question:
> > Try putting the map=... Line in the specific to kernel section.

Theodore Knab wrote:

I think what the response at the top refers to is removing this line:
> map=/boot/map

and placing separate map= lines in *EACH* of the image= sections
below:   (Making sure the kernel versions match in each section.  <g>)

> #2nd build try
> #smp himem xfs
> image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.19-xfs2
>         label=Linux
>         read-only
-->       map=/boot/map-{kernel-version}

> #first build try
> #smp himem xfs
> image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.19
>         label=Linux_older
>         read-only
-->       map=/boot/map-{kernel-version}

> #smp himem xfs
> #high mem with io stuff
> image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.22
>         label=Linux_22_notest
>         read-only
-->       map=/boot/map-{kernel-version}

> image=/vmlinuz.old
>         label=LinuxOLD
>         read-only
>         optional
-->       map=/boot/map-{kernel-version}

However, a recent woody install I did with the 2.2 kernel, and later
installed 2.4, only seems to have the one map= line- and IIRC both
kernels boot cleanly.  It is NOT an SMP machine however.

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