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Re: System Hardware Tracking

If you want something to build on, then maybe IRM might do it.

We've hacked it too met our needs - it seems ok.

It's a debian package too.


On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 06:35, Chris G. wrote:
> Well it's finally hit the point where we have a few machines where we have
> no idea what's in them.  As an ISP with several hundred machines, it's
> become quite the challenge to remember all of the hardware.
> Has anyone made/found/dreamed of a script that can be run on each machine
> to keep track of the hardware in that machine.  I'm more than happy to
> write one using perl/mysql, but figured I would throw this out to the list
> and see if someone has found/written something they use.
> Oh, and for all of those saying, write it down as your build the machine.
> I wish that would work, we just have too many people dealing with these
> things and when a problem comes up, our concern is to fix the problem
> ASAP, not count our hardware.
> Thanks for any help/ideas.
> Chris G.
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