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Re: SSH access restrictions

Thanks Jason,

> Usually you can't... as they have dependency problems.

Well I think it may be OK to just use the 'testing' .deb.
Why ?
Because I just did.
It all installed OK without any error's.
I just downloaded it and dpkg -i it.

I haven't used it yet as I'm still reading the readme
but it has successfully put a pam_chroot.so in the /lib/security dir. and
libpam-chroot in /usr/share/doc.

Finger's crossed it'll work just fine.
To be thorough I'll head over to http://www.apt-get.org now.


> > Hi,
> >
> > Just a quick question on libpam-chroot.
> >
> > This package is not availalbe in 'stable'.
> > I've only ever used 'stable'.
> >
> > It should be OK to grab this package from 'testing' and use it hey ?
> Usually you can't... as they have dependency problems. What you need 
> is a "backport" to stable... search on Google for one 
> (http://www.apt-get.org/ is one) and see if anyone has a backport 
> for it. Hopefully they do... I'd be interested in CHROOT as well.
> I've heard of something called "jailshell" as offered on some control
> panels like cPanel, but not sure what it actually is. So I know its
> possible... just haven't found a reliable way. Advanced users can probably
> figure out ways to break out of the jail, but at least it helps a bit.

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