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Re: SSH access restrictions

> Hi,
> Just a quick question on libpam-chroot.
> This package is not availalbe in 'stable'.
> I've only ever used 'stable'.
> It should be OK to grab this package from 'testing' and use it hey ?

Usually you can't... as they have dependency problems. What you need is a
"backport" to stable... search on Google for one (http://www.apt-get.org/
is one) and see if anyone has a backport for it. Hopefully they do... I'd
be interested in CHROOT as well.

I've heard of something called "jailshell" as offered on some control
panels like cPanel, but not sure what it actually is. So I know its
possible... just haven't found a reliable way. Advanced users can probably
figure out ways to break out of the jail, but at least it helps a bit.

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