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Re: SSH access restrictions

* Rudi Starcevic schrieb am 18.10.03 um 03:23 Uhr:
> Hi,
> Is there anyway to resistict  a non-root user's shell account ?
> For example once he/she is logged in is there any way to deny, say, 
> reading the /etc/passwd file ?
> Can they be restricted like the way a user can be restricted using FTP ?
> I know I could use a tool like Snort to watch whats going out , for 
> example /etc/passwd, except
> using SSH because it's encrypted.
> To my knowledge so far I cannot prevent an SSH user from reading system 
> files.
> Cheers
> Rudi.

Hi Rudi,

I had the same "problem". Finally I set up a chroot environment for
ssh users. I did it with pam_chroot which is really nice..


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