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Re: Sugesstions building a rather big mail system.

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 08:43, Markus Oswald wrote:
> > THen, the backend, this will be two failover enabled boxes with postgres
> > and openldap. They will be quad xeon 6GB ram. 
> Isn't a QUAD Xeon just plain overkill?
> I haven't tested a setup with OpenLDAP, but a Postfix/Courier/MySQL
> setup will generate "simple" queries wich any decent server should
> handle without any problem even at a rate of some thousand per second.

I agree with Markus.  We have a central provisioning application that is
PHP/MySQL based.  We run OpenLDAP/MySQL on a dual 1GHz-PIII box, and
replicate from this master to a slave LDAP server on each of our SMTP
servers.  We will soon be converting to MySQL 4.x so we can do something
similar to spread the database load among several web servers so that we
can implement customer self-care features without having outside users
on the same web server as our internal employees.

You could probably save a good bit of $$$ going with 2-way SMP boxes. 
The main bottleneck for databases is disk I/O and latency.  For that,
hardware RAID and U320 SCSI (15K rpm disks if you have the power &
cooling to run a bunch of 'em) are the way to go.


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