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Re: CGI and Virtual Hosts


i just updated to 2.0 and read somthing about a worker module
which can run child processes with different uids for
for different servers.

Heres the link to the documentation of Apache MPM perchild:

I think its still not fully functional but may be it helps.


On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 09:38:26PM +0200, Antonin Karasek wrote:
> I want to enable CGI on my web-hosting server, but I can't find out a good 
> security model (permitions of files). I don't want files to be readable for 
> others and don't want CGI to run apache's group. The main problem is, that 
> the files must belong to the same group as CGI is run. 
> The best solution could be to chroot CGI scripts, but Apache can't do this 
> (I think). 

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