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Re: CGI and Virtual Hosts

Apache has increased CGI security by means of suexec.  The Apache website
has documentation on it.  As far as I've experenced, you need 1 IP address
per user, but I hear you can run any number of users off the same IP

If you discover how to enable suexec to allow any number of users to use the
same IP address, I'd be interested.  I am currently using mass virtual
hosting with %0 as a virtualscriptalias and virtualdocumentroot delimiter.
eg, /var/webhosting/%0/docroot/



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Subject: CGI and Virtual Hosts

> Hi,
> I want to enable CGI on my web-hosting server, but I can't find out a good
> security model (permitions of files). I don't want files to be readable
> others and don't want CGI to run apache's group. The main problem is, that
> the files must belong to the same group as CGI is run.
> The best solution could be to chroot CGI scripts, but Apache can't do this
> (I think).
> Could anybody send me some useful links?
> Many thanks
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